There are a lot of ways to experience the world.

And geochatti has only just kicked off, but it‘s about to change our way of exploring the world.

Everything started with the simple and equally huge idea of connecting people with the area surrounding them. During the development, a variety of possibilities for the future opened up. And now we are about to explore them as much as the user does.

Short facts

Established in 2017 and in development ever since

small & diverse team

browser & map based web-app

an efficient & easy code

ad free

allows direct messaging

anonymous mode

independent from sponsors, Facebook and Google connection

simple voting system

Our efficient code

We believe that freedom and creativity need a solid base to grow. Our code allows us and geochatti to do so.

By using an efficient and adaptive code we can play with our ideas and do not need to set boundaries for them. Different ideas that were tested in the past are the best examples for our visions in the future.

Post anywhere

Locate yourself or set a dot wherever you want on the map, tap the plus-icon and write down your message. It’s that easy!


A variety of different channels and the ability to post anonymously gives the users the freedom they need. And to keep them motivated we implemented a gold & gem reward system.


Our Podcast Tool has already been successfully tested and integrated in the web app.


Users can choose a certain point of time and a specific area in which their voice (and post) will be broadcasted. Every other user in this area gets a notification. It has never been easier to stay up to date in your neighbourhood.


Tiles are the easy way to reserve a selected area for a specific time period. The user is the only one who can post there – perfect for a special message for a chosen audience. Tiles have already been tested and are an important component of geochatti.

Our vision is our mission

We want to build a strong community around the world. Only the global freedom of speech will help us to strive for more and bring us closer together. Anywhere, anytime, all in one place:


There are a lot of ways to go and we are just getting started.

App styles

Freedom and one’s own choices are very important to geochatti and its developers.

That’s why we created an app that allows its users to modify its design and play with colours, fonts and different modes. Whether you want a clean business design, a playful fun design or a chique dark mode. Everything is up to you. Freedom in its simplest way.

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